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Christiania Bikes

The classic

Christiania trishaw

EUR 6.000,00

+ packaging & freight from Denmark (EUR 730-930)

Not including blanket (EUR 250)

USD 6.995,00

+ packaging & freight from Denmark (USD 2,075)*

Not including blanket (USD 300)

*USD prices calculated per May 1, 2020 after incurring a corona-related price increase of 4.5%. Ask for a quote to get an accurate, current price. All USD prices are subject to currency exchange fluctuations and are based on payment via bank transfer.

About the bike

The Christiania is a classic in Cycling Without Age. When founder Ole Kassow started the organization in 2012 he used an old rented, de-commissioned Christiania. The model had gone out of production, but the blacksmith was intrigued by the idea of using the trishaw as a social tool and was easily talked into re-starting the production of their old model.

Cycling Without Age helped Christiania introduce several improvements making it more elderly-friendly. Such features as a lowerable footrest, softer cushions, and a chat window were developed by local Cycling Without Age affiliates and inspired Christiania to improve their model.

Product information

Motor – 250 Watts
Battery – Li-on / 36V / 13.6 Ah / 490 Wh
Assist levels – 4 levels
Nom 40 Nm
Wheel Sizes – 26” (hydraulic disc brake)
Walk assist from 0-6 km/h – Throttle to activate e-power system


Length: 237cm
Width: 110 cm
Height: 100 cm
Weight: 59 kg
Seat width: 74 cm

Warm, weather-proof blanket designed by Rigmor Wiberg

The blanket is custom-made for each trishaw model and comes with all the appropriate straps and buttons. On the inside it features a set of muffs for the passengers to use for warmth, to hold on to and snuggle into the blanket. If you're in a warm climate, the blanket can also be made in a non-padded version.

EUR 250.00

USD 300.00

Practical information

Battery registration

Remember to register your Promovec-battery within 8 days of the purchase. Register here!

The parking brake

The cable-mounted brakes can be adjusted manually on the brake lever.

Hydraulic brakes are tightened by using a 2 mm unbraco at the brake lever.