Fitting the bike stickers

Check the photos below for the correct locations for the “Hurry up slowly” sticker and the city stickers on the Christiania Bikes.

IMG_20160316_151702 IMG_20160314_114042

Frame number

You can find the frame number on the frame, in front of the right front wheel, below the tree box module. It starts with WTRIO with 4 following digits and a letter.

Video tutorial: Mounting the rear mudguard on Christiania Bikes

Preparation: Deflate the rear tire.
Tools needed: A 4 mm hex key with a ball end.


User Manuals for Christiania Bikes

Christiania Bikes – User Manual

Christiania Bikes – Directions for Use and Warranty

Triobike Taxi Manual


New Center Display


OLD Display and User manual


Mounting and Charging of Carrier

Electric Engine Support

Engines for Christiania Bikes and trioBike are from PromoVec.
Support: Lars Jensen
Phone: +45 88444411

PromoVec – Troubleshooting