Fitting the bike stickers

Check the photos below for the correct locations for the “Hurry up slowly” sticker and the city stickers on the Christiania Bikes.
IMG_20160316_151702 IMG_20160314_114042

Video tutorial: Mounting the rear mudguard on Christiania Bikes

Preparation: Deflate the rear tire.
Tools needed: A 4 mm hex key with a ball end.


User Manuals for Christiania Bikes

Christiania Bikes – User Manual

Christiania Bikes – Directions for Use and Warranty

Triobike Taxi Manual

New Center Display

Mounting and Charging of Carrier

Electric Engine Support

Engines for Christiania Bikes and trioBike are from PromoVec.
Support: Lars Jensen
Phone: +45 88444411

PromoVec – Troubleshooting