Total shipping costs

Here are some examples of the shipping costs. It includes freight, handling and insurance. The trikes are delivered 100% assembled and ready to roll. Find your city or area below.

If your destination is not on our list here, please provide us with a full delivery address and we will get back to you with a price.


Shipping takes app. 6 weeks: 4 weeks on the sea, 1 week through customs and 1 week for delivery in Canada.

  • Ottawa, ON: 1660 EUR
  • Winnipeg, MB: 1873 EUR
  • Vancouver, BC: 1858 EUR
  • Montreal: 1554 EUR
  • St. John’s: 1558 EUR
  • Toronto: 1660 EUR
  • Canmore: 1772 EUR
  • Victoria: 1772 EUR

All orders are subject to 5% GST on the value of the trishaw(s).
Duty is based on HS code 8711.60, which is 0%.


Shipping takes 6 weeks: 4 weeks on the sea, 1 week through customs and 1 week for delivery in the US.

  • New York City, NY: 1650 EUR
  • Madison, WI (Chicago): 1636 EUR
  • Austin, TX: 1824 EUR
  • Los Angeles: 1829 EUR EUR
  • Hawaii, Kapaa HI: 2870 EUR
  • Charleston, SC: 1688 EUR
  • Miami, FL: 1717 EUR
  • Houston, TX: 1734 EUR
  • Vermont: 1848 EUR

There is no VAT and GST.
Duty is based on HS code 8711.60.0000, which is 0% of the trishaws value.


Shipping takes 10 weeks: 8 weeks on the sea, 1 week through customs and 1 week for delivery in Australia.

  • Melbourne/Sydney/Fremantle: 1,675 EUR

New Zealand

  • Auckland: 1,410 EUR


Shipping to Singapore takes app. 8 weeks.

  • 1515 EUR

Duty 15% of the total amount of the trishaws value plus the total shipping costs. GST 7% of the trishaws value.

If inspected by authorities it costs between 100-1000 USD. It is the same risk as going through customs in an airport. So very low.


Total shipping costs are below.

VAT 25% of the total amount of the trishaws value plus the total shipping costs. If you buy as a company with a valid VAT-no there will not be added 25% VAT to your invoice.


  • 44o EUR

United Kingdom

  • 840 EUR
  • 85% assembled Triobike: 390 EUR


  • 560 EUR


  • 44o EUR


  • 430 EUR


  • 840 EUR
  • 85% assembled Triobike: 390 EUR


  • 840 EUR
  • 85% assembled Triobike: 390 EUR


  • 570 EUR


  • Umeå: 520 EUR
  • Malmø: 390 EUR

Manufacturing leadtimes


  • Approximately 8 weeks. 

Christiania Bikes

  • Approximately 6 weeks

We cannot guarantee the shipping date before we have your order confirmed by the producers.

Container vs individual shipments

Shipping overseas can be expensive, so in order for you to get lower shipping costs, we ship in containers when we have enough trike orders. If you require faster delivery, we can also organize individual shipments.

Next Canada/USA container shipment

  • Container with 20 x 500W Triobikes to Madison, US.
  • Shipping from Copenhagen 8th Dec.
  • Arrival Harbour app. 8th Jan 18. (not confirmed)
  • Arrival Madison app. 15th Jan (not confirmed)
  • Shipping from Madison

Unsold: 13/20

Next Australia container shipment

  • Not planned


5,600 EUR (250W) ex works
6,030 EUR (500W) ex works

Prices do not include VAT (if you buy as a private person) and import duty outside of the European Union.


Please be sure to order extra batteries with your bike, since we are not able to ship batteries separately afterwards because of restrictions to Li-Ion batteries.


Triobike with enhanced motor (500 W): 6.030 EUR

500 W Triobike kit to replace a 250 W system: 1.347 EUR

13.6 Ah Battery – Triobike 250 W standard
Article No. 50663-BL, Li-Ion 36V 13.6 Ah/490Wh
Hight app. 4,8 cm  – low luggage rack (app. 5,8 cm): 639 EUR

15.6 Ah Battery – Christiania Bikes 250 W standard
Article No. 50775-BL, Li-Ion 36V 15.6 Ah/490Wh
Hight app. 6 cm – high luggage rack (app. 6,8 cm): 696 EUR

13,6Ah Battery for a 500 W trishaw – both Triobike and Christiania Bikes, 48V: 940 EUR

Luggage rack – high (6,8 cm), for all batteri types: 51 EUR

Chain lock – big: 204 EUR


Unfortunately we do not accept checks. You will have to make a wire transfer using the IBAN no and SWIFT code on the bottom of your invoice.

Service and maintenance

The trishaws consists of regular bike parts, so every bike mechanic should be able to service the bike. In the manual on the next page you will find a guide for maintenance.