Current lead time: 3 weeks ex works


Nihola comes as a Trishaw and a Flex wheelchair trike.

This unique Danish-built trishaw has a separate turning system for the front wheels, which provides a superior balance when turning. The more you load it up, the more stable it becomes.

Its slender and soft design offers the best ratio between slim outer width (90.5 cm or 35.6”) and a wide seat for passenger comfort for two people (84 cm or 33”), and at 53 kg (117 lbs) it’s the lightest trishaw on the market.

With the Nihola Trishaw you get the following as standard: Hydraulic disc brakes,
auto-battery-powered, 54 Nm torque, practical kick-stand under the foot rest before safer passenger entry, red waterproof canopy.

Each Nihola is shipped fully assembled in a sturdy hybrid wood/metal box, which can convert into a storage unit upon delivery. The box is included in the price.