Van Raam

Current lead time in the USA: 4-12 weeks.
(we are currently experiencing some delays)

US orders are priced and delivered separately. Current US price is $10,764.00 plus delivery charges, estimated to be $500-$1000 per Chat depending on distance from Warwick, Rhode Island. Chats will be shipped fully-assembled and ready to roll. 

The award-winning Chat is a new trishaw model developed over an 18-month period by Van Raam, a company that has been designing and manufacturing quality adaptive cycles in the Netherlands since 1974. The Chat features a 1-meter wide cushioned seat, with a front footrest that lowers completely to the ground, activated by the pilot from behind the passenger box. The passenger box rests on a spring suspension, which absorbs some of the road bumps and makes the ride for the passengers more comfortable. 

The Chat comes with a 60 Nm electric-assist motor that can be controlled both by a console on the handlebar and by the Van Raam App on your smartphone. It even has a 'reverse gear' - you simply pedal backwards, and the Chat backs up! The 8-speed derailleur offers plenty of gearing options. The cast aluminium front wheels provide strong support for the passengers and the trishaw.

Update: Van Raam Chat wins Eurobike Gold Award 2019!  
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