Fitting the bike stickers

Check the photo below for the correct locations for the city stickers.

Frame number

You can find the frame number on the frame, in front of the right front wheel, below the tree box module. It starts with WTRIO with 4 following digits and a letter.

Placement of Stickers Video

Please download all relevant manuals

Please download and print all relevant manuals for your trishaw. It is very important that you learn how to use the bike properly so you are able to train new pilots.

Triobike Taxi Manual

Manual for the throttle on the Triobike 250W with New Center Display.


Manual for the throttle on the Triobike 500W with Old Display.

Browse Display Manual & Electric Engine Support 

Engines for Nihola, Christiania Bikes and trioBike are from PromoVec.
Phone: +45 88444411

Promovec Troubleshooting

If you discover any errors on the display, please download and follow the instructions here: PromoVec – Troubleshooting

Mounting and Charging of Carrier


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