North America

Current shipments

Updated 25th of July

Container July ’18

15 Niholas, 15 Triobikes and extra batteries.

  • Pickup Denmark: 27th of July (not confirmed)
  • Arrival Madison: 27th of August (not confirmed)
  • Delivery: from the 15th of September (not confirmed)

Bikes left

  • 15/15 Nihola 250W
  • 6/8 Triobike 500W
  • 7/7 Triobike 250W

Special Air shipment June ’18

12 x Triobikes – SOLD OUT

  • Pickup Denmark: 29th of June (confirmed)
  • Arrival customs:
  • Customs done:
  • Arrival Madison: 6th of July (confirmed)
  • Assembling: 2 weeks
  • Delivery (4 trikes): from the 30th of July (not confirmed)
  • Delivery (4 trikes): from the 6th of August (not confirmed)
  • Delivery (4 trikes): from the 13rd of August (not confirmed)

Special Air shipment June ’18

6 x Nihola 250W

  • Pickup Denmark: 2nd of June (confirmed)
  • Arrival Madison: 11th of June (confirmed)
  • Delivery: from the 11th of July (confirmed)

Bikes left: 1/6 Nihola 250W

Container April ’18

13 Triobike – SOLD OUT

  • Arrival in Madison: 17th of May (confirmed)
  • Delivery to customers: 11th-18th of July (confirmed) – We will ship all bikes within a week.

Update: We have had several delays on this shipment due to missing essential parts to complete 100% assembling of the trikes. We do the best we can to get the trikes out as fast as possible.

Container December ’17

20 Triobikes – SOLD OUT

  • Delivered to all customers

In general container shipments take a month and a half.

Container vs individual shipments

Shipping overseas can be expensive, so in order for you to get lower shipping costs, we ship in containers when we have enough trike orders. If you require faster delivery, we can also organize individual shipments.


Nihola Trishaw

5.250 EUR (250W) ex works
5.850 EUR (500W) ex works

Prices do not include VAT, freight and import duty.

Triobike Taxi

5,805 EUR (250W) ex works
6,235 EUR (500W) ex works

Prices do not include VAT, freight and import duty.