Who we are 

Copenhagen Cycles was created out of love for Cycling Without Age, a not-for-profit organization that dreams of giving all elderly people everywhere "the right to the wind in their hair" through free trishaw rides. We're here to help them reach that goal, which is why we hand over 100% of our profits directly to Cycling Without Age. We also support Cycling Without Age by working with our manufacturers to develop new models and to improve existing trishaws to make a wonderful experience even better for everybody.  

What we provide

Competitive prices on all models

Import and delivery service for your trishaw

Arrival and follow-up "check-up" for your new trishaw

Trishaw care program through your local bike shop 

Dedicated and efficient after-sales service

Cycling Without Age merchandise with your trishaw purchase

Good karma for helping to support Cycling Without Age

The trishaws are not only beautiful and functional, they're also sturdy enough to be shipped all over the world and used under all weather conditions. Like -26°C (-15°F) in cold and frosty Calgary, or 38°C (100°F) in hot and tropical Singapore.