Fitting the bike stickers

Check the photo below for the correct locations for the city stickers.

Trio Frame number

On Trio trishaws, you can find the frame number on the black metal bike wheel support, in front of the right front wheel, below the passenger box. It starts with WTRIO with 4 following digits and a letter.

(Nihola and Christiania frame information to follow -- please contact us with any questions.) 

Placement of Stickers Video

Only use the charger that came with the bike. If you have a BROSE (Mid-drive motor) ONLY use the BMZ charger.

You can in any hardware store buy an adapter that allows you to use the EUROPEAN plugs in your country.

Trio Passenger Box Assembly Video


Triobike Trishaw User Manual (DOWNLOAD)

Nihola Trishaw User Manual (DOWNLOAD)

Nihola Flex 2.0 User Manual (DOWNLOAD)

BROSE E-Bike User Manual (DOWNLOAD)

BROSE Blox Display User Manual (DOWNLOAD)