Prices and freight

Total shipping costs

Here are some examples of costs including freight, handling and insurance. Find your country, city or area below.

If your destination is not on our list here, please provide us with a full delivery address and we will get back to you with an exact price.

Check this page for current shipments to North America


Shipping takes approx. 6 weeks (4 weeks at sea, 1 week through customs and 1 week for delivery in Canada).
Price: 1,705 EUR

All orders are subject to 5% GST on the value of the trishaw(s).
Duty is based on HS code 8711.60, which is 0%.


Shipping takes 6 weeks (4 weeks at sea, 1 week through customs and 1 week for delivery in the US).
Price (except Hawaii and Alaska): 1,705 EUR

Pickup in Madison, WI, USA: 1,505 EUR

There is no VAT and GST.
Duty is based on HS code 8711.60.0000, which is 0% of the trishaw’s value.

Australia & New Zealand

Shipping takes 10 weeks (8 weeks at sea, 1 week through customs and 1 week for delivery in Australia).
Price: 1,715 EUR


Shipping to Singapore takes approx. 8 weeks.
Price: 1,515 EUR

Duty 15% of the total amount of the trishaws value plus the total shipping costs. GST 7% of the trishaws value.

If inspected by authorities it costs between 100-1,000 USD. It is the same risk as going through customs in an airport. So very low.


Total freight costs when sending “shipping friendly”.

Price: 300 EUR 

VAT 25% of the total amount of the trishaw value plus the total shipping costs. If you buy as a company with a valid VAT number, no Danish VAT will be added.

Manufacturing leadtimes

Please see the leadtimes on the top of the page for the specific trishaw.

Container vs individual shipments

Shipping overseas can be expensive, so in order for you to get lower shipping costs, we ship in containers when we have enough trike orders. If you require faster delivery, we can also organize individual shipments.


Triobike trishaw

6,500 EUR (BROSE e-system, 90 Nm torque, 250W)

Nihola trishaw

5.250 EUR (Promovec e-system, 43 Nm torque, 250W)
5.850 EUR (Promovec e-system, 51 Nm torque, 500W)

Christiania trishaw

5.900 EUR (Promovec e-system, 43 Nm torque, 250W)

Prices do not include VAT, freight and import duty (if outside the European Union).

Service and maintenance

The trishaw consists of regular bike parts, so every bike mechanic should be able to service the bike.

Shipping friendly trishaws (only for the Triobike)

Also sometimes referred to as 85% assembled trishaws. All this means is that we detach the seat box from the frame before shipping the trike off to you. We do this because it makes the cargo more compact and a lot less expensive to ship overseas. The manual contains a detailed description and drawing of how to re-attach the seat box to the frame and should take you less than 20 minutes. You can choose to have your trike transported either fully assembled or shipping friendly.

The measurements for the shipping friendly trishaw (packed on a pallet) are:
Length: 100 cm
Width: 120 cm
Height: 208 cm
Weight: 85 kg