We ship worldwide!

We pride ourselves in being a global bicycle marketplace, which means that we can ship bikes to all 4 corners of the world! Since we started our journey we have delivered bikes to countries such as: The Faroe Islands, Canada, USA, United Arab Emirates, Mali, New Zealand and many more! Contact us here to get a shipping price to your country!

Total shipping costs

Here are some examples of costs including freight, handling, and insurance. Find your country, city or area below. If your destination is not on our list here, please provide us with a full delivery address and we quote you an exact price.


Shipping takes approx. 6 weeks (4 weeks at sea, 1 week through customs and 1 week for delivery in Canada). All orders are subject to 5% GST on the value of the trishaw(s). Duty is based on HS code 8711.60, which is 0%.

Price: from CAD 1400 

Please read our “Importing to Canada” guide before purchasing


Shipping takes 6 weeks (4 weeks at sea, 1 week through customs and 1 week for delivery in the US). There is no VAT and GST. Duty is based on HS code 8711.60.0000, which is 0% of the trishaw’s value.

Price (except Hawaii and Alaska): USD 1000

The United Kingdom

Shipping takes 1-2 weeks. As a result of Brexit, the bikes have to undergo customs clearence when they enter the country. Copenhagen Cycles no longer applies VAT to UK orders. However, you will have to pay local VAT when the bikes clear customs, which is 20% of the total price in most cases. It is also very import to register for an EORI-number when you have placed your order. Click here to register for an EORI-number.

Price: From 600 GBP + safety packaging 365 GBP.

Australia + New Zealand

Shipping takes 10 weeks (8 weeks at sea, 1 week through customs and 1 week for delivery in Australia).

Price: From 1,875 EUR + safety packaging 430 EUR.


Shipping to Singapore takes approx. 8 weeks. Duty 15% of the total amount of the trishaws value plus the total shipping costs. GST 7% of the trishaws value. If inspected by authorities it costs between $100-1,000. It is the same risk as going through customs in an airport. So very low.

Price: 1,600 EUR + safety packaging 430 EUR.


Christiania, Nihola and Triobike: between €400-€1200. Freight cost for Van Raam: €600-1200 depending on the destination.

Europe only: You’re VAT exempt if you have a valid EU VAT number.