What colours does the Trio-bikes come in?

All our bikes comes with a black frame and a red hood and red blanket.

How do I protect the trishaw?

We recommend to buy a cover that is big enough for the trishaw. It could be that some covers for motorbikes fit. Check the measurements on the information pages.

Other than that it is important that the bikes is stored under a roof and if possible in a closed garage. If you really want the trishaw to live under the best conditions, you should keep it inside where it is also warm all year around. That way it will also attract some attention.

Can you get a logo on the Bike?

The bikes come with a Cycling Without Age sticker on each side of the sitting box with your city’s name on it. We cannot print logos on the bike or make special stickers. You are welcome to do so. Logos of sponsors and so on should be put on the back side of the sitting box.


How much is the approximate annual maintenance costs?
We recommend the bikes to have a first check after 1 month. 1-2 hours at a mechanic should be about 70-140 EUR. The bolts and rims need to be adjusted. Repair and maintenance would be around 

Running costs are really down to repair and maintenance, as well as additional batteries every 2 years. I would estimate £3-400 a year to regular maintenance.


What is the expected lifespan of the trishaws?
The lifespan is 10 years, with regular maintenance and probably two battery replacements.
Do Copenhagen Cycles sell trailers to transport the trio bikes and if so, how much do they cost?
Unfortunately we are not able to provide you with trailers. We are working on getting a tool for better to be able to transport the trishaws.
We don’t have trailers or use any specific company for this, you can probably use a standard ATV trailer, or even a horsetrailer!
What is the difference between the 250W motor and the 500W motor?
It is really quite difficult to quantify the differences between using a 250W and a 500W because there are so many variables involved. The difference is probably not going to be double the range, but the 500W should provide more range in general.  The 500W will definitely deliver more power, which will help with hills.  But because of the nature of electric motors — they will draw power as needed from the battery, so it’s actually the combination of the motor, the battery, and the power controller that yields the results — it’s very not really accurate to say that a motor that is on paper twice the power of another motor is going to deliver twice the range.
How do I see the difference of the 250W and 500W Triobike?
The 250W Triobike uses a battery with 36V. It both says on the battery and on the motor.
The 500W Triobike uses a battery with 48V.
It is a good idea to put a sticker on both the battery, charger and bike saying 250W or 500W, so you easily can see which parts belong together. A 36V battery cannot be used with a 48V charger.
How does the throttle work on a Triobike 250W?
The throttle works as two things; a walk assist while you are walking and a power boost while you are riding.
Walk assist – works while you are walking beside the trishaw with up to two passengers in the passenger seat.
For safety reasons you should only bike straight while using the walk assist. For better balance you can also sit on the bike without pedaling. It can provide up to 5 km/h, app. 3 miles/h.
Walk assist is good for getting the bike startet and getting over small bumps.
Power boost – works while you are on the trishaw pedaling.
The key thing to remember is that the pilot has to be pedaling the wheels for the boost to apply. You can control and adjust the level of assist by using the arrows beside the throttle. It has level 0-5. 5 is the highest level of assistance. 0 is no assistance and might be good to use when training, riding indoor, riding closely to people and when there are no passengers in the trishaw.


Once you are pedaling and have set the assist level of the display panel (say, for example, to assist level 2), you can instantly increase the assist level to level 5 by turning the controller.  This helps if you come to a hill, for example, and find it awkward to push the arrow upward on the display panel.  But again, that assist level only works if you are pedaling the trishaw. If you already have the assist on level 5 you dont get any help from the power boost when turning the throttle.

How does the throttle work on a Triobike 500W?

It works the same way as on a motor bike. When you turn the throttle the assist will help you move.

Where do I find the frame number?

On the Triobike it is on the frame at the right front wheel. You can see it if you look “through” the spokes.

On the Nihola it is on the frame going down under the pilot seat.

How do I identify the electric system?

Brand of the e-bike

  • Nihola, Christiania Bike, or Triobike.

Battery article No.

  • Find it at the back of the battery

Controller No.

  • Find it under the controller unit, mounted on the carrier. An example could be 50300-Bl, 50300-BL-48V, 50683-BL, 50683-BL-20, 50685-26-20-BL.

Display part No.

  • Find it at the back of the display. An example could be 50301-3300, 50707-2, 50713 or 50735, 50301-3300-48V.

Motor No.

  • On the left side of the motor, you can find the part No.:
    An example could be 50609-BL, 50609-1-BL, 50675, 50675-BL, 50675-BL, 50675-48V, 50675-BL-48V.


If your question is not answered here please do not hesitate to write us at maren@copenhagencycles.com