Q: How long does it take to charge my battery?
A: 4-6 hours


Q: How far is the range on my bike?
A: Depending on the terrain, payload and assist level, your bike can go 30-90km on one charge. 


Q: How do I order a bike?

A: When you are ready to place your order, please contact Ciara at ciara@copenhagencycles.com


Q: Where do I find the manual for my bike?

A: All our manuals are listed below in English. 

  1. Triobike
  2. Nihola / Nihola Flex 2.0
  3. Christiania Bike (write to ciara@copenhagencycles.com for manual)
  4. Van Raam

Unfortunately, we only have them in English


Q: Where can I find spare parts for my bike?

A: If you need any spare parts for your bike, please contact us at hi@copenhagencycles.com


Q: Why has my battery stopped working?

A: There might be a few reasons why your battery has stopped working. 

  1. If you haven’t charged your battery for more than 4 weeks it can send your battery into deep discharge, which can leave your battery defective. 
  2. If you haven’t had your bike serviced in the recommended time, there could have been internal problems with the battery, which hasn’t been caught in time.
  3. If the battery has been damaged (for example by dropping or bashing it)
  4. If the battery is more than 2-4 years old. The battery lifespan is around the time, so if your battery has stopped working, it might be time to replace it.

If none of this sounds familiar and your bike is less than 2 years old, please contact us at warranty@copenhagencycles.com


Q: How often should I service my bike?
A: You should have your bike serviced within the first 3 months of receiving it. After that point you should service your bike once a year/every 2000km/1240miles.


Q: How often should I charge my battery?

A: You should charge your battery when it runs out of power. However, make sure not to overcharge your battery as it can actually damage it. 

You should charge your battery at least once every 4 weeks even if you don’t use the bike. 


Q: Why does the power come on and off when I’m riding?

A: If the bike has been bumped, the connection between the battery and the mount might have gotten loose. Usually the bike will need a new mount or circuit board. Send us a description of your problem along with pictures to hi@copenhagencycles.com so we can assist you


Q: Why do I have to pay for my bike upfront?

A: Copenhagen Cycles is a social business, which means that we are not profit driven. We donate all our proceeds to Cycling Without Age which means that we don’t always have a big surplus of $’s. For that reason, we can’t disburse every bike we sell as we wouldn’t be able to pay the manufacturer. We pay the manufacturer when the bike is shipped, so we need payment for your bike before then.