Gates Belt Drive

Bringing innovation to your trishaw, The Gates Belt Drive is an upgraded substitution for the classic bike chain. Made for pilots who are looking for a trishaw that is easier to ride, clean and maintain. On top of that the belt drive gives you a much smoother and silent bike ride. Combined with the Enviolo Stepless Gears biking has never been easier. 

The Gates belt is heavy-duty belt with high quality and resistance. The material is a weather-resistant polyurethane and it also features advanced strong, stretch-free carbon fiber tensile cords.

It’s resistant to heat and cracks, and it will not rust if it gets wet regularly like normal chains. If the Gates Belt Drive is maintained properly you can expect it to
last upwards of 30,000 km / 19,000 miles

Add Gates Belt Drive and Enviolo Stepless Gears to your Triobike for:

EUR 495.00

USD 610.00