A coach on wheels

Triobike Taxi (Torque 90 Nm, 250W Brose mid-drive)

EUR 7,625.00

+ packaging & freight from Denmark (EUR 730-930)

+ Add Gates Belts (EUR 525)

Not including the Blanket, the Duffel or the Shelter 

USD 9,535.00

+ packaging & freight from Denmark (USD 2,075) *

+ Add Gates Belts (USD 650)

Not including the Blanket, the Duffel or the Shelter 

*USD prices calculated per December 29th, 2020. Ask for a quote to get an accurate, current price. All USD prices are subject to currency exchange fluctuations and are based on payment via bank transfer.

Triobike Taxi (Torque 43 Nm, 250W Promovec rear-drive)

EUR 6,510.00

+ packaging & freight from Denmark (EUR 730-930)

Not including the Blanket, the Duffel or the Shelter 

USD 8,135.00

+ packaging & freight from Denmark (USD 2,075) *

Not including the Blanket, the Duffel or the Shelter 

We are able to provide quotes for other Triobike models upon request.

About the bike

The new Triobike Taxi is easy to ride, steer and comfortable for rider and passenger. It is designed to be practical and stylish at the same time. It’s primarily designed to carry adults, especially elderly people but also anyone with mobility issues. With 90 cm of inner width, the passenger seat is among the most spacious on the market. Its ergonomic design ensures a very relaxed sitting position as well.

Product information

Motor – 250 Watts
Battery – Li-on / 36V / 17 Ah / 508 Wh
Assist levels – 4 levels 
Torque 90 Nm
Wheel Size – 26” rear, 20″ front (hydraulic disc brake)
Walk assist from 0-6 km/h – Switch to activate the e-power system

Length: 225 cm
Width: 106 cm
Height: 113 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Seat width: 89 cm

Practical information

Battery registration

Remember to register your Promovec-battery within 8 days of the purchase. Register here!

Triobike frame number

On Trio trishaws, you can find the frame number on the black metal bike wheel support, in front of the right front wheel, below the passenger box. It starts with WTRIO with 4 following digits and a letter.

Tribike passenger box assembly video

Fitting the bike stickers


Only use the charger that came with the bike. If you have a BROSE (Mid-drive motor) only use the BMZ charger. When charging the BROSE connect the charger to the back end of the battery by removing the small plastic lid that covers the outlet.

You can in any hardware store buy an adapter that allows you to use the European plugs in your country.

Removing the Brose battery


Triobike Trishaw User Manual (DOWNLOAD)

BROSE E-Bike User Manual (DOWNLOAD)

BROSE Blox Display User Manual (DOWNLOAD)

PROMOVEC User Manual LCD Display 500W Promovec

The parking brake

Firmly clench the grip towards yourself and you will be able to shift the latch.